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There are two types of foreclosures; a judicial foreclosure and a non-judicial foreclosure. The application for either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is very lengthy and technical, so having someone work with you who knows Arizona bankruptcy law and how to fill out the appropriate forms will only expedite the process and ensure that the courts will accept your bankruptcy.
Although it may seem intimidating to face legal fees on top of dealing with other financial difficulties, filing for bankruptcy without the assistance of an attorney or other legal counsel can mean that you don't receive the full assistance available to you from a bankruptcy ruling.

Some of my friends attorneys will tell them whatever they want to hear, and let them fight court battles they won't win, just to get the extra legal fees, but Jonathan has never once done that with me. He will tell me directly if I'm asking for something I can't realistically get, so it's not worth my time and money.
Our experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorneys in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Avondale, and Tucson bankruptcy lawyers provide our clients, both large and small, with the highest quality debt relief representation typically only associated with larger bankruptcy firms, but with the personal service, attention and responsiveness of a smaller firm.

Not surprisingly, but to my dismay, I received a wide variety of answers to the same set of questions from each of the various attorneys I spoke to. Mr. Webster offered the most straight-forward, reasonable and logical answers to all of my questions and he took the time to make sure that I was.
Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the type of bankruptcy that virtually wipes the slate clean of unsecured debt including: (credit cards, medical debt, non-secured personal loans and lines of credit, amounts owed on leases, amounts owed after vehicle repossessions and more).
In " Attorney Profile ", you will find Mark W. Lischwe's legal credentials and experience in the area of bankruptcy law and under " Contact Us ", you can obtain information on how to arrange for your free consultation and prepare for your appointment.

Excellent law practice Really nice people and very assertive when it comes to complex business litigation and business disputes. We keep it up-to-date and address many common questions but if you can't find the answer to your Phoenix bankruptcy questions, click the Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer” button above.
The applicable standard of care of an attorney handling a Chapter 13 case and what constitutes a failure to meet that standard. I truly have empathy for my clients and I do Bankruptcy Attorney Phoenix my best to help each and every client find debt relief and a fresh start. My AZ Lawyers is dedicated to helping residents of Gilbert, Arizona achieve financial success.

This includes the attorneys, the professional debt counselors, and anyone associated with us. We demand it. You will receive nice, friendly, helpful advice, with no runaround. If you are borrowing from your retirement accounts to pay off your debts or are considering doing so, that is also a red flag, which indicates that you are overwhelmed financially.
Whether you are seeking representation with an Arizona Bankruptcy, DUI or other criminal allegations, our skilled lawyers are the best choice to help resolve your current difficulties. It's now time to bring the bankruptcy forms and your Course 1 certificate to the court to file them.
The debtor is not required by law to repay any debts owed that have been discharged through bankruptcy. We are Proud to be a Designated Debt Relief Agency under Federal Law and We Provide Legal Assistance to Consumers Seeking Relief Under the Bankruptcy Code.

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