How Zechariah Vision Take Concern Us Today

The visions of Zechariah renew the Abrahamic promise to post-exilic Israel—God intends to bless Israel so that all nations might be blessed. Gazing through my tears, seeing the Lord's people thus transformed from filthiness to cleanliness, and from shame to beauty, I think I should have said, Now, Lord, finish the work; make that servant of thine to serve thee; as he is perfectly clothed, now, Lord, put on the mitre, and make him fit to do thy work.” Some of God's people appear to me to forget this.
Among his many visions, Zechariah saw a menorah (flanked on both sides by olive branches) and he heard an angel explaining to him that this vision meant the Temple in Jerusalem (which had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 422 BCE) should now be rebuilt not by might, not by power, but by the spirit of G‑d".

Summarize Zechariah 1-2 by explaining that through Zechariah the Lord told the Jews who had returned from Babylon that if they would turn … unto Him,” He would turn unto them” ( Zechariah 1:3 ). Zechariah prophesied that there would be peace in the land so that the temple could be rebuilt.
Chapter 8 is a collection of ten oracles in two sections - seven in the first (8:1-17) and three in the second (8:18-23) - with each oracle introduced by the general wording "So says the LORD of hosts." Chapter 8 also connects to the themes of chapters 1-6, the earlier prophets, particularly the eschatological blessing of Jerusalem and the nation's pilgrimages to it, and, because these themes are well developed in chapters 9-14, it's easy to see the hinge that this section is in connecting the first half with the second, amalgamating the book as a whole.
In other words the Lord had just sent the company of men or angelic beings upon the red horses, the sorrel horses or bay horses and the white horses on a patrolling mission and they have gone to and fro throughout all the earth and they have come back with their report.

In the very midst of that remnant of His oppressed and afflicted people though their eyes may be holden so that they can not see Him afflicted in all their afflictions, is ever Israel s Redeemer, " the Angel of Jehovah," who " encampeth," with an invisible host, round about them that fear Him, to deliver them.
It is in this passage where we get God's prescription on how to get things done, "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the Lord Almighty" (v.6). It is suggested by scholars that the "two" branches of the olive tree refers to Joshua and Zerubbabel, as priest and king, which represents the role of the Messiah who is Priest and King of Israel, supplying light to the nation.
Of the subdivisions of which that band was composed, inasmuch as he was mounted upon a steed of a red colour, and not of a colour distinct from the rest " : but he overlooks the fact that in answer to the prophet s question, video "What are these, my lord?" "The man," standing among the myrtles, answers, "These are they," etc., not " We are they," showing that though he was the Captain of the Lord s host, he was not to be confounded with them.

Jewish Sages interpret this verse to mean that just as it is easy to injure someone by touching or poking the pupil of one's eye (a most sensitive part of the body), so too God is injured when His people Israel are harmed in even the slightest manner and thus receive His divine retribution.
And yet, with vivid oracles and other-worldly visions, the post-exilic prophets declare that Israel's God is sovereign over even the greatest empires of this world, and that he is powerfully guiding all of history toward his appointed goal of blessing his people through the work of his Messiah.
It's very interesting to me that when the Lord Jesus was here upon the earth when the subject of the second coming came up he said, The day or hour, no man, no angel, not even the Son of Man knows that day.” And here we have the angel of Jehovah in the midst of Israel symbolically crying out, Lord how long?” And so then it is a picture of Israel in degradation, but of God's covenant with them, the covenant man, the Lord Jesus in their midst with all of the power to execute judgment in their behalf and bring them to victory waiting for the time to do so.

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