Encre Noire Lalique For Men

On occasion, the designer may change the packaging but not the formulation of a product or fragrance. If any discrepancies are noted, please contact our customer service line for verification of the actual description or imagery. What are your thoughts about this perfume? Let me know in the comment section below. As for related beauty products, Lalique also offers Encre Noire Extreme as 150ml perfumed shower gel.
People I've shown this fragrance to have rather said it just smells peaceful, among other similar things. When I smell it, it reminds me of my time in Hawaii. Not of the commercial, Honolulu beach, drinking from a coconut Hawaii, but rather the nature aspects and the calm, untouched wet forest areas. It really smells so natural and beautiful, like a place untouched by humanity where only mother nature has done a thing, and you're here to see it. People keep touting this fragrance as a sad, uninviting one, but I don't find it as that at ALL. You could definitely call it melancholy but even then I see it as just a very, very peaceful fragrance. It smells just like being at peace, whether you're sad or happy.

While wearing it though, I am oftentimes reminded of Mugler Cologne and at other times it reminds me of Terre D' Hermes. It’s just what I needed to break up the monotony in my collection. I look forward to buyBig way more men’s fragrances after this one. That's what Encre Noire never had but it seems conceived for it.
It is slightly rugged by the wooden cap addition, which compliments the gloss of the dark tinted glass. The downside is that it's difficult to see how much one has left. There is some cypress but it feels like it is smothered in something; I think it's the musk that does that, or the combination of the musk and cashmere wood. There is a distinct smell of pencil shavings in the opening hour or so. There's a sweetness from somewhere but I can't understand quite where given the notes. It feels a little heavy and oppressive to me. On its own, it's an ultra dark, sharp vetiver with some cypress thrown in, and opens up with a strong minty/mentholated touch that breathes some life into the scent.

As the name indicates, it's dark and pretty challenging. A simple blend, not too many notes with a strong woody opening , and I would swear I get a little cedar although it's not listed. The opening is hard to define, the cypress and vetiver combination gives it a very original, almost tobacco-like vibe.
“Chemistry,” for lack of a better word, is fascinating. Hiris is a horrible mess on me–sharp, metallic, bitter. Wish the juice justified my keeping it. Can't say “never again” when it comes to unsniffed purchases, but this one taught me that even the “safe bets” are not sure things. My most recent (yes, that means I've done it more than once!) unsniffed purchase was Hiris.
@desiEscobar if you can smell iso E super, then there is a huge difference between Sport/Regular and Extreme. EN and ENS are both iso E bombs - like a Febreeze room spray. Extreme actually smells like vetiver, wood and ink. My one and only gripe is that this fragrance has almost zero projection.

I don’t think there’s a better fragrance value. Seasonally, I liked how this wore in the warmer weather. It wasn’t the usual summertime fragrance, but the wood and vetiver have a nice aquatic accord, joining them. This allows Encre Noire Sport to fit the season, but still deliver something that isn’t the normal oceanic and super fruity blend. It’s a versatile scent that can be worn to the office, casually, or out for an evening.
Even one spray will stay with you very strong all day. I may try some of the variations on Encre Noire, but I'm not planning to keep the bottle I bought.

Vetiver is swirled in a sirocco of spices and woods. Nutmeg, pepper, and caraway match up with visit here gaiac, cedar, and amyris. This carries a luminous inner glow all day and into the night.
Dark and lifeless, reminds of a white floral at times, suprisingly people love to smell this especially during winter, goes great with a full black outfit. Not my note, but it's a good quality one, tart, woody, realistic.

I can compare this aroma to my association with lapsang souchong smoky tea by the camp fire. I love when my husband wears this cologne. It was best blind purchase I ever made. Affordable, true to its performance, lasting power and charming. Opens with a green papery carpet note, reminding me of Toronto reference library when the entrance is decorated with cypress wreaths and Christmas trees.
It does not perform as good as I would like unfortunately as it becomes a skin scent in about an hour, but the longevity is great. I sprayed some on before bed so that I could enjoy it and assess it some more. I ended up sleeping about 11 hours that night and the fragrance was still very noticeable on my skin the following morning! I was amazed, I just wished that it's projection would last a little bit longer. If you enjoy collecting fragrances I'd say give this one a buy. But if you're only after a fragrance that will only pull compliments all the time, this may not be the fragrance for you. It might be because the vetiver here isn't very bitter .
Only issue is sillage and longevity are not great. At this price point, and it being a EDT, I won't complain too much.

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